Housing Incentives Offered in Fairmont!

8 Dec 2023


“Fairmont, MN, is a great place to raise a family or live as an individual. One of the reasons for this is thanks to the several housing incentive options that are available to those that live here,” said Ned Koppen, Economic Development Coordinator of the Fairmont Economic Development Authority (FEDA). The Fairmont Housing Demolition Program is a grant program that is designed to provide financial support to owners, developers, and contractors to demolish substandard or irreparable residential and commercial structures.

Living in Fairmont has Unique Advantages!

The Fairmont Multi-Family Housing Tax Abatement Programs were created to encourage decent, safe, and sanitary housing for residents and job seekers in Fairmont, and to alleviate housing shortages. The Tax Abatement for New Housing Program provides property tax abatement on new construction of single or multi-family housing units. Click here to learn more about the housing incentives that Fairmont has to offer!