Businesses Benefit from Locating in Fairmont!

17 Nov 2023


 “Businesses that are located here in Fairmont, MN, have several location advantages that other cities just simply do not offer,” said Ned Koppen, Economic Development Coordinator of the Fairmont Economic Development Authority (FEDA). Fairmont is located in southern Minnesota, and centrally in the nation. This allows businesses access to markets across the U.S. The Fairmont Municipal Airport supports everything from prop to corporate jet aircraft access and the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is only 150 miles from the city.

Locating Your Business in Fairmont Has Its Advantages!

Train and rail access is also offered here in Fairmont and has been available since as early as 1878 when the Southern Minnesota Railroad was built through the city. Today train service is provided by Union Pacific and the Canadian Pacific. Interstate 90 and 35 offer highway access to other parts of the country with ease. Click here to learn more about the location advantages that Fairmont has to offer your business!