Commercial Development

Fairmont issued 35 commercial permits in 2017, closely following suit of the 41 issued the year prior. The total value of commercial building permits in 2016 was $6,000,000 and $5,200,000 in 2017, indicating continued growth. The current trend is signaling 2018 as another strong year of commercial development.

Most Valuable Permits in 2016

Name Address Valuation* Description
Gold Cross 800 Medical Drive $1,200,000 New Ambulance Facility
Ingleside 2811 Roland Ave $2,112,000 Addition
Mayo Clinic Health Systems 800 Medical Drive $586,000 Pharmacy Remodel

Most Valuable Permits in 2017

Name Address Valuation* Description
Fairmont Realty Group, LLC First Street and Prairie Ave $931,000 Townhomes
Zierke Built Manufacturing 1500 Winnebago Ave $580,000 Building Renovation
Fairmont Foods 905 E 4th Street $3,000,000 Expansion

Most Valuable Permits in 2018

Name Address Valuation* Description
McDonalds 2217 State Street North $1,600,000 Demolition & Complete Rebuild
MidAmerica Distributing 1215 State Street North $818,938 Remodel for Tractor Supply
Hawkins Chevrolet 1411 E Blue Earth Ave $750,000 New Auto Body Shop

Source: Fairmont Building Permit Reports

*These values represent the investment in property/building improvements only. They do not represent total investment with regards to machinery, equipment, etc.

Residential Construction

In 2018, the City issued 283 residential permits which is right in line with 2017 when 284 residential permits were issued. When examining the past three years, residential permits are being pulled for larger projects, such as new builds, or major additions or alterations compared to maintenance permits like roofing, windows/doors and siding. New residential, single family home construction activity has doubled compared to just a few short years ago. Commercial

Commercial Development

Fairmont issued 40 commercial building permits in 2018 which is 5 more than we saw in 2017, and closely following suit of the 41 issued in 2016. The total value of commercial building permits in 2016 was $6,000,000, $5,200,000 in 2017, and $4,750,000 in 2018, indicating continued growth. City staff anticipates that 2019 could be the strongest year since 2016 when considering building projects since a number of businesses are planning to make considerable investments.

Special Projects

New Industrial Park Development

FEDA obtained a real estate purchase option for a 38-acre parcel of bare developable land at the intersection of Bixby Road and I-90. This site provides maximum accessibility and visibility to Interstate 90. In 2018, FEDA negotiated and executed easements and completed the preliminary infrastructure engineering which allows the risk of project complications to be reduced drastically. The City of Fairmont will submit a grant application in 2019 to help with actual infrastructure costs as the next step to certify the site shovel ready.