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Representing the very best of scenic, Southern Minnesota, Fairmont is a family friendly city that offers all the modern amenities necessary for growth and innovation. And whether you’re a start-up in search of incentives, relocating in search of greater opportunity, or expanding an existing enterprise, the Economic Development team is ready to serve your needs. 

Most Valuable Permits in 2016

Name Address Valuation* Description
Gold Cross 800 Medical Drive $1,200,000 New Ambulance Facility
Ingleside 2811 Roland Ave $2,112,000 Addition
Mayo Clinic 800 Medical Drive $586,000 Pharmacy Remodel

Source: Fairmont Building Permit Reports

Most Valuable Permits in 2017

Name Address Valuation* Description
Fairmont Realty Group, LLC First Street and Prairie Ave $931,000 Townhomes
Zierke Built Manufacturing 1500 Winnebago Ave $580,000 Building Renovation
Fairmont Foods 905 E 4th Street $3,000,000 Expansion

*These values represent the investment in property/building improvements only. They do not represent total investment with regards to machinery, equipment, etc.

Source: Fairmont Building Permit Reports