Fairmont, Minnesota: The “City of Lakes”

A Business Friendly Community. A Cozy Place to Call Home.

Named for the pastoral, rolling hills surrounding its five lakes, Fairmont is an approachable southern Minnesotan micropolis that’s been recognized as one of the state’s most affordable places to live, raise a family, and pursue opportunities for financial opportunity and growth.

The City of Lakes, nestled in America’s heartland, with easy access to international airlines, dual rail access and truck-friendly state and regional roads, has over 900 thriving agricultural, industrial and retail businesses. The local labor force is renowned for its work ethic and high-level of training. The cost of housing and land acquisition, like the local tax rates and cost of living, are among the lowest in the region. And, thanks to a bustling cultural scene and nearly 400 acres of parkland, the 21,000 residents of Fairmont and surrounding Martin County enjoy a high quality of life at home, outdoors and all around their town.