Incentives are Here to Help Fairmont Businesses

1 Dec 2023


“Fairmont, MN, has several great incentives that are helping local businesses in the area succeed here. We urge business owners and site selectors to reach out to the Fairmont Economic Development Authority (FEDA) for assistance in regards to figuring out which incentives they may be eligible to benefit from,” said Ned Koppen, Economic Development Coordinator of FEDA. The FEDA website also contains a list of incentives that are offered to businesses in the area.

Assistance and Incentives are Being Offered to Fairmont Businesses

Fairmont’s City Revolving Fund provides reduced interest rate loans which are given to businesses for expansion projects. The Demolition Program offers financial assistance to owners, developers, and contractors to demolish irreparable residential and commercial structures. The Micro Loan Program is offered to established small businesses in Fairmont, as well as start-ups, that want to improve their infrastructures. Click here to learn more about all of the incentives the city of Fairmont has to offer your business today!