Start a Business in Fairmont!

24 Nov 2023


 “The Fairmont Economic Development Authority (FEDA) and its staff have a mission to help anyone start a business and help it become successful. We encourage anyone who is thinking about starting a business in Fairmont, MN, to contact the FEDA staff for planning and resource assistance,” said Ned Koppen, Economic Development Coordinator of FEDA. The FEDA website has also created a comprehensive guide to help you plan and implement a business plan that suits the needs of your company!

Learn How to Start a Successful Business in Fairmont

This online guide includes information on choosing a business structure, drafting a comprehensive business plan, finding a location, checking zoning, and more. Business filing, filing for permits, and tax information are also included. Lastly, this guide lists organizations that can support your business, such as the Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce, Fairmont Area Life, and Fairmont CareerForce. Click here to learn more about FEDA and how our organization can help you succeed at starting a business in Fairmont!