Economic Developers Are a Great Resource

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18 Nov 2019

Setting up a business is a challenge. Just managing the paperwork, accounting and regulations alone can be daunting to an entrepreneur. Not to mention the essential capital requirements every business needs to kick start operations. Where can a new business owner turn to get their questions answered?

Look no further than Linsey Preuss of Fairmont Economic Development Authority (FEDA). She is a valuable resource to help build your businesses or to get help in attracting the right talent for your team. 

Resources to Help Your Business

Preuss is familiar with business retention and expansion strategies and knows about available real estate properties that can meet your business needs. 

On any given day, you will find Preuss helping business and community leaders with economic development strategies, discussing workforce development and training options, talking about social media marketing tactics, or just listening to business ideas and offering feedback. 

Solve Problems and Bring Your Ideas to Market 

Linsey PreussA successful Economic Development Organization (EDO) has the ability to bring innovation and programs to communities that need to quickly react to a changing marketplace. Preuss has access to a board of experienced business owners and a network of people who can help to solve most any problem presented to a business owner. 

Get Help Managing Cash Flow

Have you put together your 60-day or 90-day cash flow document? One of the most critical skills a business owner needs is learning how to manage the uncertainty of cash flow. Rather than doing this alone, remove some of the guesswork of your cash flow by sitting down with someone with the Small Business Development Center, supported by FEDA, and sharing your spreadsheet. Having an extra set of eyes to look at the numbers will uncover hidden revenue and hidden costs to make your projections more accurate. 
Workforce Recruitment 

All companies seem to be facing a workforce shortage. Share your job postings or labor requirements with CareerForce, a valued partner of FEDA, who can direct you to resources and available labor pools. 

You Can Depend on Us for Help Growing Your Business 

In business, it truly is about who you know and finding people that can help you to achieve success quickly. We can help you to make informed decisions that will reduce stress and bring stability to your business. 

Contact Fairmont Economic Development today and find a wealth of information and resources to help your business start or grow. Ultimately, you will be contributing to the success of the community and building a better economy. 

The Fairmont Economic Development Authority (FEDA) coordinates and administers economic development initiatives for the City of Fairmont, MN. It serves as a comprehensive and premier resource for businesses seeking to startup, grow and locate in the area. FEDA’s priorities include business retention and expansion, financing, workforce development, recruitment, site development, housing and business startup. FEDA prides itself as a growing resource for Fairmont, MN news.