Female Entrepreneurs Are the Next Wave of Business Success

8 Mar 2018

The main barriers to female entrepreneurship--and the top tips to overcome them.

Last week, I wrote an article which talked about U.S entrepreneurship being at a 40-year low. Research suggests that there are are some seeds of growth and the latest studies have highlighted that female entrepreneurship will provide one of the best routes to future business success.

Let's be honest: To date, there has been a huge gender disparity between the number of startups, particularly in the tech industry. We can all easily reel off names like Zuckerberg, Bezos, Musk, Gates, Jobs, Branson, Dell, Gates, and Cuban. In contrast, a list of today's top 25 entrepreneurs compiled by Ranker features only two women: Oprah Winfrey and Vera Wang.

Given that 2018 has been cited as the 'Year of the Woman,' it's clearly time for these kinds of lists to become far more gender representative.

Things are developing, albeit slowly. Statistics from the University of New Hampshire 'Centre For Venture' annual reports show that prior to 2014, the number of women seeking angel investment was fairly static at around 15 percent of the total. There was a spike in 2014 with that figure rising to around 19 percent and the current estimate is that female-owned ventures accounted for circa 23 percent of the entrepreneurs that were seeking angel capital. 

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