How to Stay Mentally Healthy During a Job Search

21 Feb 2018

Five mood-boosting tips

Losing a job is ranked among the top 10 most stressful life events.

Job loss brings many emotions including sadness, fear, anxiety, anger, and embarrassment. Many times you will cycle through these emotions. This is normal. There is no right way to feel when faced with a job loss and no timeline for feeling better.

Here are five tips to help boost your mood:

Take a short break. A break will leave you feeling rested and ready to start your job search.

Move. Physical activity is a great way to reduce stress and avoid depression. Use this time to take a walk, go for a hike or try a yoga class. Have a dog? Take them with you. Pets can reduce stress and depression, too.

Make a schedule. Settle into a routine. Set your alarm as if you were going to work. Schedule time for physical activity, relaxation, and working to find a new job.

Connect with your network. If you put off spending time with a family member or friend because life was too busy while you were working, make time to visit with them now. You’ll feel better -- and you can also let them know you are looking for a new job and ask if they have any ideas. Watch this video about networking.

Volunteer. This is a great way to stay active and positive. Your volunteer work might turn into a paying job.

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