Forward Motion in 2018

19 Feb 2018

Six ways to improve your professional skills

Whether you remain in the job market, hit a career slump, or are looking for a career change, making a resolution to improve your professional skills can be a great way to start the New Year. Here are six ways to do it.

1. Take initiative

Have you become complacent in your role and responsibilities? Then show your organization you're not only motivated, but competent by volunteering to head up a new project in 2018. It might be something you propose yourself, or an existing initiative that needs to be managed.

2. Learn to be more assertive

Timid or reserved employees can get stuck in a rut. Make small changes in how you speak or interact with others. For one, stop apologizing for simply disagreeing with others. In addition, avoid qualifying your statements in meetings or team discussions. Rather than say "I’m not sure if this will work, but...," try "Here's what I think we should do."

3. Expand your business network

Focus your efforts on finding the right contacts and building strong relationships that can help your career.

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