New design, cost shared for community center

2 Nov 2023


FAIRMONT– A community center design work session was held in council chambers at Fairmont City Hall on Wednesday evening. Parties involved included the Fairmont City Council and Fairmont Area Community Center Foundation. Some representatives of companies slated for the project were also present to speak about it.

John Kasper, a member of the Foundation, opened the work session by saying one of the purposes of it was to gain the council’s endorsement and vote at the Nov. 13 council meeting to build the facility as re-designed and re-estimated. Other key areas covered during the work session were the final design and updated project cost and financials.

A public joint work session between the key stakeholders hadn’t been held since May and on Wednesday Kasper touched on some of the work the Foundation has been doing behind the scenes since then, which has involved hiring Tegra as the owner’s representative on the project and hiring a new construction manager, RJM. The council previously had Kraus-Anderson pinned down as the construction manager for the project.

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