In a tight labor market, Greater Minnesota businesses think creatively about how to hang on to workers

21 Aug 2019

For the past several years, manufacturers and other large employers throughout Greater Minnesota have been dealing with a shortage of workers – a scenario that has only found staying power in a strong economy with low unemployment.

MinnPost chronicled the issue two years ago, noting that many companies were either operating short-staffed or holding back on plans to expand. Businesses in lightly populated regions of the state have been particularly stressed for workers.

For some employers, though, labor concerns have less to do with the challenges of attracting employees and more to do with the difficulty of attracting employees who can stick with the job. In response, some businesses are turning to policies that they believe will help them keep their employees once they are hired.

The problems that vex workers are myriad: a dearth of adequate skills; expensive or sparse child care; drug and alcohol abuse; physical disabilities; the lack of reliable transportation; and cultural alienation, especially for immigrants.

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