CRPD hears from child care providers

1 Aug 2019

Results of a statewide survey of child care providers

The Center first started looking into the matter of the child care shortage in 2015. In the process of this initial research, we found a corresponding shortage of information on just why providers were leaving the business. As a result, we concluded in 2018 that it was necessary to conduct a survey that would allow us to hear directly from providers themselves, both family and center-based. The goal was to look deeper into the issue by asking providers themselves what’s going on.

From 1,500 surveys sent out to both family providers (those offering child care in their homes) and center-based child care providers, we received just under 400 responses. Providers were asked a combination of questions regarding finances and regulations to gauge how much each might be playing a role. While there were a few surprises, the responses from these providers confirmed what we have been hearing. Their comments provided numerous specifics to help direct efforts to fix the issues.

This survey is not the final word, of course. We will take what we learned from this round to develop questions we will ask in focus groups later around the state this year to dig deeper into the particular issues raised by this survey.

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