Seeking Partners for Child Care Economic Development Grants, and Business Development Grants

19 Jun 2019

Getting high quality business development assistance at the right time is critical for the success of entrepreneurs and small businesses. I believe the state’s commitment to providing this assistance is one reason Minnesota ranks third in the nation in five-year business survival.  

Another way we can assist in economic development is through grants to help communities address shortages in child care. As a father of two toddlers myself, I understand how a lack of quality care impacts not only the parents who need it in order to work, but also the businesses that desperately need workers and want to employ them.  

We’re focused on supporting the economic success of Minnesota individuals, businesses and communities by providing opportunities for growth and by helping address the state’s shortage of child care.  

To this end, DEED is accepting requests for proposals (RFPs) from qualified organizations across the state for our business development competitive grants and child care economic development grants.   

Informational webinars will be available, and RFPs are posted on the DEED website along with additional information and forms. Applicants must submit their proposals to DEED according to the RFP. We’ll be posting responses to frequently asked questions about theses grant programs and updating them weekly on DEED’s contract opportunities page.  

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