Automation on the Job

19 Mar 2019

Leaves Time for Higher-Thinking Tasks

Technologies that eliminate jobs or drastically change the way work is performed is a thread that runs through history and popular culture. Even now, print and digital book sales in the sci-fi/fantasy genre have doubled since 2010, according to publishing industry data.

With Minnesota’s low unemployment rates and a labor force that’s inching along, Luke Greiner, regional analyst, looks at automation’s role in maintaining Minnesota’s global position using the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation’s ‘at risk’ index of occupations. The index covers nearly every occupation recognized by official employment data. Using this index, Minnesota has a smaller relative concentration of occupations most at risk to be impacted by automation compared to the US.

Regardless of what’s in store, Minnesota workers must embrace lifelong learning – both on and off the job – if they want to stay relevant in the workplace.

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