Development official touts local growth

26 Feb 2019

Preuss presented the 2018 report on Monday to the Fairmont Economic Development Authority and City Council, and received praise for her work from both entities.

“It was a very good year, very active,” Preuss said. “We moved the needle on very important issues such as child care, workforce and housing, and we will continue to do so with our strong partnerships in 2019.”

These partnerships span local organizations, such as the Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce and Visit Fairmont, to the Minnesota Marketing Partnership, the latter being present at 30 national and international events annually. Preuss selects two or three of the national events to attend, making contacts and following up with direct contact.

“My direct mail is to 150 consultants and site selectors that I have personally met. They represent companies all over the board,” she said. “Some of them work in industrial. Some of them work in food manufacturing. Some of them work in data centers. It’s diverse, but I want them all to keep us in their minds. They know who I am. I’m just getting our name back out there again.”

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