Artist crafts the old into new

29 Aug 2018

Michael Kutch is an artistic individual who stays busy at his business, Barn Bridge Hill Salvage Art.

Originally from Michigan, Kutch moved to the area when he took the call to serve at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School in Fairmont, where he is the music director. He plays the organ at church, directs the choir, and teaches music and art at the school.

He also serves on the board of directors at Red Rock Center for the Arts in Fairmont.

FAIRMONT — Fairmont officials are keeping a close eye on events taking place at the city-owned Southern Minnesota Educational Campus, where Presentation College’s long-term presence is in doubt.

City administrator Mike Humpal has been in talks with the college about its situation and plans. He reports that the school saw just a handful of students interested in enrollment for fall 2018, so Presentation made a decision not to accept any freshmen for the fall. The college has been offering nursing and other health care majors locally.

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