Innovative Career Services Available at Minnesota WorkForce Centers

1 Mar 2018

Minnesota WorkForce Centers continue to improve services for career seekers across the state. While the WorkForce Centers are known for workshops on job search, the job board and networking groups, customers are discovering expanded career services to help them land a good job faster in a career that fits their skills and interests. 

“While the Minnesota WorkForce Centers have helped thousands of career seekers learn effective ways to find work, we are developing new ways to help them become more efficient in their career search,” said David Niermann, job service field operations director at DEED.  

New Guide: My Career Search Path 

Minnesota WorkForce Centers recently adopted My Career Search Path, a guide to provide career seekers a better way to progress in their job search. The guide sets out a step-by-step process for career seekers, enabling them to evaluate their efforts, improve networking skills, assemble job search tools and identify companies that might require their skills. Staff tailor the guide – which was developed and first used by the WorkForce Center in Bloomington – meeting the needs of career seekers with differing talents and experiences. 

“With career path, goals are set for customers, allowing them to spend more time focusing on effective job search techniques and less time determining what steps they should take next,” said Erik Aamoth, area manager for the Minnesota WorkForce Centers in Anoka, Bloomington and Brooklyn Park. 

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