Design firm opens up shop

22 Nov 2017

A couple of recent posts on social media offered an opinion that Five Lakes Centre in Fairmont is empty, that it has nothing to offer, but that is far from the truth, says Dahmon Gullord, mall manager.

“People say it’s empty, but that’s because they don’t come in and see all the new stores we’ve got here,” he said.

It’s true that the mall lost two strong retailers, Schwesers about a year ago and JCPenney last summer, but both those sites are now occupied with new retailers. A month ago, Savewize, a discount department store, opened at the former JCPenney location. Prior, Blue Box Bridal and Carpet Plus moved into the Schwesers location.

In addition, the mall added Minuteman Press four weeks ago. The new business, a printing and marketing company, allowed 2002 Fairmont High School graduates Dustin and Betsy Tino to return to their hometown. After attending college, Dustin worked as an athletic trainer and in an orthopedic clinic while Betsy established a career as a professional graphic designer.

Gullord said a couple of storefronts are being utilized by existing tenants. Sterling Drug has transformed one area into a display showroom, while Savewize will be filling the former Sears location with furniture inventory.

“Sales are picking up so right now we’re using the former Sears site for an overflow of furniture for Savewize,” Gullord said. “It’s a nice area with all the glass so people can walk by and see everything on display.”

One area Gullord has been working to fill is the former Brewkaz site. While some tenants have approached him about mall space, he also will campaign actively to lure a business.

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