Fairmont’s Beautiful Parks are Gaining Attention!

3 Nov 2023


“We invite everyone to enjoy the city of Fairmont and Martin County’s many beautiful parks,” said Ned Koppen, Economic Development Coordinator of the Fairmont Economic Development Authority (FEDA), regarding the city’s recreation options for its residents and visitors. Martin County itself has over 230 acres of county parkland, this includes Perch Lake Park, Cedar Hanson Park, Klessign Park, Wolter Park, Bright Lake Park, and Timberlane Park.

Visitors Enjoy Playing in Fairmont’s Many Parks!

Fairmont, MN, is home to a park system that includes approximately 400 acres of parks, playgrounds, athletic fields, green spaces, flower gardens, disc golf, and an aquatic park. During the winter months, Fairmont’s park grounds offer space for sledding, ice skating, and snow skiing. Fairmont is also home to an extensive park and trail system, with miles of recreation, off-road, and paved trails available, alongside the city’s tranquil lakes. Click here to learn more about Fairmont and Martin County’s parks and recreation options today!