Attracting Talent to Help Companies Grow

25 Jan 2019

While classic methods of economic development have relied on attracting companies to a region, talent attraction is now recognized as equally important, particularly in rural areas. A solid workforce can enhance a region’s tax base, improve housing options and ultimately lead to better wages and economic growth.

workforceWithout access to a pool workers, companies can’t expand in grow. That’s why building a stronger workforce has become part of Fairmont’s evolving economic development strategy.

“Now, not only do we work to recruit businesses, we also want to encourage people to move here,” explains Linsey Preuss, Fairmont’s economic development coordinator.

Fairmont is aiming to assist companies in attracting and retaining a workforce that will meet their labor demands now and in the future. “We do this in partnership with the Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce and also private businesses through our Fairmont Area Life campaign,” Preuss says.

Fairmont Area Life helps to highlight assets and amenities that are important to particularly young people. The website demonstrates why the area is a great place to live, work and raise a family.

One of Fairmont Area Life’s newest initiatives is a campaign to educate parents of high schoolers in Martin County about area opportunities. The goal is to ensure young people who leave to go to college understand that returning to Fairmont is a great option — that the area has abundant job opportunities as well as affordability and wonderful quality of life.

The CareerForce Center regularly helps people who are new to the area or want to relocate to Fairmont. “It’s a great service for people wanting to come to this area. If they’re new, we can give them job lead potential for companies that are growing and help match them through our network of employers,” Hines says.

Jobs Opportunities in Martin County

In September of 2018, the U.S. unemployment rate fell to 3.7 percent — the lowest it had been since 1969. Martin County’s rate is even lower, at 2.6 percent.

This is good news for job hunters. It means companies may raise wages, add bonuses, offer flexible schedules and tweak benefits packages to attract and retain workers. Opportunities are available for a range of positions, from non-skilled labor to high level professional jobs.

According to data from the Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED), the top five sectors in terms of employment in Martin County are: Health Care and Social Assistance; Retail Trade; Manufacturing; Accommodation and Food Services; and Wholesale Trade.

Connie Hines, of DEED and the Fairmont CareerForce Center, points out that the center is a valuable and free resource to help connect employees with employers. It compiles job leads from a network of growing companies, which are posted online. In addition to helping job seekers find employment opportunities, the CareerForce Center also helps craft resumes, fill out online applications and prepare for interviews.

A quick review of the jobs available in Martin County shows a variety of job listings, including, registered nurse, physical therapist, caregiver, laborer, truck driver, food service manager, assembly, electrician, machinist and more.