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City of Fairmont Transportation

Fairmont is centrally located and, as a result, well positioned to both participate in traditional modes of commerce and thrive as the world’s economy speeds to and from your door.


Most all types of prop or corporate jet aircraft can fly in-and-out of Fairmont’s Municipal Airport, which is equipped with an Instrument Landing System (ILS), 5,500 and 3,500-foot runways, 24-hour fuel service, meeting spaces and accessible ground transportation.

The Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is just 150 miles from Fairmont and accessible both by Interstate 90 and 35. The 16th busiest airport in the United States, MSP International serves 155 nonstop markets, including 126 domestic and 29 international destinations. (Only Atlanta and Denver serve more nonstop markets per capita.)   


The Southern Minnesota Railroad came to Fairmont in 1878, marking a development renaissance. Today service to Fairmont is provided by the Union Pacific and the Canadian Pacific (owned IC & E railroads). Freight and grain service is available to almost any national market.


Highway access to the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area is available via Interstates 90 and 35 and also by Highways 15, 60 and 169. Access to other Upper Midwest commercial and industrial centers, such as Des Moines, Sioux Falls and Chicago is also available by the same Interstate Highways. Fairmont also serves as a hub to a strong network of county and local roads that support and feed the regional network.

City Mileage Distances
Chicago 472 Miles
Denver 756 Miles
Des Moines 208 Miles
Indianapolis 657 Miles
Indianapolis 402 Miles
Milwaukee 405 Miles
Minneapolis/St. Paul 120 Miles
Omaha 205 Miles
Rapid City 460 Miles
Rochester 120 Miles
St. Louis 598 Miles
Sioux City 100 Miles
Winnipeg 571 Miles


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